Bradley M. Legal

An independent estate planning law practice needed a brand identity and website that cuts to the chase and stands out from the pack. Their target audience is largely millennials writing their first legal wills as they begin their own families, or seeking the necessary legal privileges to take care of their aging parents.

Bradley has a rare last name with a somewhat unintuitive pronunciation, so we simply left it out of the brand name except for the initial. This left us with a short and personal name that's easy to read, remember, and search for later.

It was important that the brand and website subvert the expectations of brutal law firm aesthetics and instead come off as friendly, bold, and sophisticated. We did this by taking inspiration from editorial and retail design more than other law practices. This allowed us to create an identity that was true to this lawyer who's a goofy improv actor in his off hours, while honoring his specialty of writing end of life legal documents for his work.